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Row Crop Equipment | Open Field Equipment | Orchard Equipment | Border and Irrigation Equipment

Row Crop Equipment

Lister Bar
Disc Bedder
Shaper Roller
20ft Bed Roller
Three Point Culti-Pac
10 Row 30" Parallel Linkage Cultivator
10 Row 30" S Tine Cultivator
12 Row 30" Parallel Linkage Cultivator on Folding Bar
3 Row 60" Tomato Cultivator
Fertilizer Bar
Cotton Root Cutter
Eight Row Furrow Roller
Planter Guides

Open Field Equipment

VR88530 Five Shank Ripper with Pulverizer
VRX 730 Seven Shank Ripper less Pulverizer
44 Series Wheel Culti-Pac
77 Series Wheel Culti-Pac
Folding Culti-Pac

Orchard Equipment

Orchard Cultivator
Orchard Leveler
Orchard Ripper
44 Series Wheel Culti-Pac

Border and Irrigation Equipment

Two Blade Ridger-Blocker
Three Blade Ridger-Blocker
Border Machine
Border Disc-Splitter
Flat Ditcher with Tines
Ditch Filler